This will hopefully help a lot of players

on 2020/09/24 03:27
Like with your example of arks missions at the start, I immediately forgot that even existed due to all the other tutorials it bombarded me with (IIRC the moment after you are made to open the arks assignment page it loads that video roughly PSO2). I believed for doing stuff those popups was mechanically somewhere until I moved back to look at the mission menu that was arks after. Not just that but there is so many things recorded there that I just never read through them all so even the things it may lead you also were lost on me since I did not feel like keeping up with client orders/arks missions/tutorials/trying to play with the game so early. Hey writeup. Can I suggest an addition? Add about how to accept customer orders within the area of 16, screenshot or a blurb. It is a feature that new players usually don't understand about. This is superb! From the time I'd learned how to do so for me to reap a lot of benefit out of it it had been too late. This will hopefully help a lot of players! Hey guy ty for putting this together, I've a question, lately I've my inventory nearly filled with 7+celebrities weapons, I try to maintain what's (in my limited experience) good affixes. My query is, there's something or a manual which may help me place a cost? I tried using the ingame tool but nearly all of the time there is a major gap between prices and I am kinda lost, I've seen 4 star weapons sell for 100k+ meseta and the same affixes on a greater rarity weapon sell for far less than that. I dont have a good method of giving you prices aside from checking against weapons with the exact augments. You're overlooking the affix urge? Weapons with the reinforces but more augments slots are worth. You may even make a good amount of money just from increasing the slots good augments. For affixing augments, rarity doesn't matter. In general see exactly what they're selling for and you wish to search the bolster. So those are more precious people today love to min max attack stats. In addition, you will need to take into account augments affixed to a weapon's amount. Anything less than three people will likely not buy. On your piece of gear you can get around 100 to a single attack stat with three augments. If you want to know more, please click