POE Heist was launched on the game console and the new patch was widely praised

on 2020/09/24 03:59
Now players of PC, Mac, PS4 or Xbox1 can enjoy the pleasure that POE Heist brings to them. This version including the 3.12.1 patch was released on PC earlier this week and made some minor changes to the league. Killing monsters in a robbery will no longer raise the alert level, and they have also reduced the number of rare monsters in the reward room. It improves the chances of successful robbery. Players will eventually get more POE Currency. Besides these changes, Grinding Gear Games is also working on other repairs related to the robbery. For example, they re-adjusted the alarm sounding mechanism and increased the volume of the boxes used by players for robbery and reduced the running in Rogue Harbor. These new improvements make novice players more willing to play POE Heist and adjust to the rhythm of the game. Now every player is almost looking for ways to form a reasonable team of thieves and how to plan detailed action plans and risk plans. They have now solved an obvious problem before in the game. Rogues did not prioritize their professional skills when giving orders, and other issues might sometimes distract them. This will not happen again now. If players try to escape from the robbery before entering the battle zone, a prompt will appear. This should be helpful along with solving the problem that they can return to the wrong town, for instance. The game team’s daring to admit that the wrong attitude is worthy of the players’ admiration and their quick launch of the corresponding patch has strengthened the players’ trust in it. Everything will resolve as soon as possible. Those who have little currency reserves can Buy POE Currency, which will provide a good convenience for their game journey.