The POE game team made detailed improvements to the problems that occurred in the Heist League

on 2020/09/25 02:55
In response to players’ feedback on the problems in POE Heist, the game team is now reducing the number of guards in the treasure chest to enable players to better complete the heist. Because of the excessive number of guards before, players are often caught by guards when robbing treasures. All their efforts are useless and they cannot get POE Currency. So the POE team will make such a change. Some monsters will release their skills in a staggered manner, so multiple skills will not hit that players at the same time. Players should also know that although the number of monsters in these treasures is getting smaller and smaller, once they open the door, their abilities are ready to release. This should make these encounters easier to manage and not explode because of injury. There are various problems with NPC’s behavior during the robbery. In particular, there is a problem that the rogue does not prioritize his professional skills when giving orders, and sometimes may be distracted by other issues. The game team is working hard to improve their behavior to solve some other robberies. There are more and more feedbacks about new skills, and they hope to get more information about this. If players try to escape from the robbery before entering the battle zone, a prompt will appear. This should be helpful along with solving the problem that they can return to the wrong town, for instance. Now they have also fixed the bug that mission items are still stuck in the inventory after the robbery fails. For example, system crashes or performance issues are also the points that the game team has been paying attention to. If players want to make more achievements in POE Heist, then they need to Buy POE Currency and POE Items to increase the probability of successful robbery.