Whitening skin care products, which spots can be faded?

on 2021/06/27 08:00

The most enduring skin attraction for Asian women is "whitening and blemish removal"!

In functional analysis skincare products, "淡斑精華" and "spot removal" are often not found in pairs, but are they really a reliable pair? In other words, can students get rid of spots on our own faces at the same time with a "whitening and blemish reduction product"?

Let's start with the conclusion: no.

01. What are blemishes?

In layman's terms, "stain" is what appears to the naked eye to be a "localised" deepening or "patch" of skin.

In terms of dermatopathology, the essence of "limited" skin deepening is an increase in melanin granules or melanocytes in the epidermis/dermis of the skin. Genetic and environmental factors (UV, endocrine, etc.) are responsible for this change. are responsible for this change.

The number of types of facial pigmentation is so great that our national companies can usually classify them according to the increasing number of melanin granules or melanocytes and the level of the skin where they gather, which can be divided into: epidermal spots, dermal spots and mixed spots.

Which type of spot is bothering you?

Spots located on the epidermis include freckles, coffee spots, sunspots (commonly known as sun spots), age spots (commonly known as age spots), etc;

Spots located in the dermis:nevus of Ota, acquired nevus of Ota, nevus of Ito, etc.

Mixed spots that are both between the architectural epidermis and the dermis: common ones are melasma, and the associated post-inflammatory pigmentation can be hyperpigmented (PIH).

Having understood the nature and classification of pigmentation, let us now take a look at the 美白淡斑 products available on the market and their mechanism of action.

What types of whitening products are available?

How do they work?

There are many skin lightening products on the market, but they all work by reducing melanin production, inhibiting melanin transport or promoting the shedding of keratinocytes containing melanin particles.

The analysis of the 淡斑精華 and spot-lighting ingredients in the products can be divided into three main categories according to the different mechanisms of action impact.

⭕ Reduction of melanin synthesis

Tyrosinase is the rate-limiting enzyme for melanin production by melanocytes, therefore inhibition of tyrosinase is effective in reducing melanin production, thus providing a whitening effect, for example:

Phenolic agents (hydroquinone).

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