How should I learn manga without foundation?

on 2021/09/01 09:59

I often hear people ask me, "I have no basic knowledge of drawing, can I learn cartooning well now? Is it possible to get a job after learning? I have never studied comics before, where should I start? What should I do? First of all, you should ask yourself, "Why do I want to learn to draw? When you have a clear idea of what you want to do, there are only two words, and that is persistence. When we are determined to learn cartooning, the question arises, where should I start?日本動漫

I want to be good at what I do, I have to be good at what I do. I have posted the introduction of tools before, you can read my past articles, and of course I will show you the tools I use. I personally prefer to buy expensive professional tools, because the expensive ones are really worth every penny and work very well, but for newcomers who have not been in touch with drawing, it is enough to choose the right tools, not to buy too expensive ones.日本教育

Second, the ability for drawing cartoons, learn to draw a cartoon, and learn the method of cartoons, of course, the latter is more important, so we are now talking about, not how to draw a cartoon, but how to observe. You have to learn to observe and try more by yourself. So you may have a question, do you have to learn to sketch first to learn cartoons? The answer is not yes, if you are not going to take art school, then you don't necessarily need to learn sketching first. Although sketching is the foundation of drawing, but learning sketching can assist us to master the human body structure and perspective relationship better, if you want to further enhance the drawing ability, then learning sketching is also possible. We can learn to master the structure of the human body, the most basic things, so that everyone's interest will be strong, in order to persist.jump漫畫

Here are some of the skills you need to have to draw

Aesthetic ability Aesthetics is not only for drawing cartoons, but also in daily life. It is easy to judge a person's aesthetics by looking at his dressing, including the style, color and matching of clothes. But a certain aesthetic people, he will pay attention to composition, color matching and so on, he will strive to look comfortable picture. So, aesthetics can be improved? The answer is of course yes, aesthetics can be improved, aesthetics will make the picture look good, and also drawing cartoons will help to improve aesthetics, this is complementary.童年回憶

I will give an example to show that if we want to draw a comic character, what do we have to do first? We first need to understand the structure of the human body, then the composition, how to go about the composition, first to judge the position of the character. We must not rely too much on copying, we must observe ourselves and think for ourselves in order to progress.

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