Please pay attention to these 4 points to prevent hair loss

on 2021/10/11 04:01

In recent years, the population of hair loss in our country 脫髮治療 has shown a linear upward trend. On average, one in six people has hair loss. Among them, people between the ages of 20 and 40 occupy a large proportion. The National Health Commission announced a survey of hair loss populations, showing that more than 250 million people have hair loss in my country.

Why is hair loss?

Experts suggest that people in cities are more likely to lose hair than in third- and fourth-tier cities and villages, and those who deal with mental work are more likely to lose hair than those who do manual work. The main reasons are as follows:

First, the genetic element. The father suffers from male baldness, the probability of male baldness is 50%, and the probability of daughter is 20%;

Second, physical pressure. Excessive mental stress for a long time will exacerbate hair loss.

In addition, hair loss is related to the metabolism of androgens in the body, and it is also related to factors such as contamination, emergency events, and microcirculation.

How to prevent hair loss?

We can carry out hair care according to the physiology of the hair, mainly pay attention to the following four points:

First, the hair likes a weak acid environment, so you can't wash it with alkaline surface, washing powder, etc., otherwise it will cause explosive hair. Because the hair follicle has many small hairs, like tiles, it also protects the hair shaft. The small hairs like a weak acid environment and will turn up in an alkaline environment. In addition, you can wash your hair with beer, and your hair will be firm after washing.

Second, pay attention to choosing shampoo, use neutral or weakly acidic shampoo, not alkaline shampoo.

Third, there were many hair care products in the market at the beginning, which can be used, but it should be paid attention to whether they are produced by regular manufacturers. It is worth noting that the prices of silicon-free and silicon-free 脫髮治療 curing products are quite different, but in fact there is not much difference in their effects.

Fourth, use a horn comb or a wooden comb to comb your hair with thinner teeth and rounded tips.

"Good figure, good scalp, good hair follicles have good hair." How to protect the health of the scalp? Can often massage the scalp with the hands, vertical scalp with the fingertips, gently tap along the midline, and then tap the middle two centimeters again, it has the effect of dredging the channels and collaterals, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis. In addition, repeated combing with a comb can also play a good hair care effect.

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