Women need to be more ruthless to become beautiful, these 5 best times for skin care and beauty, not to be consumed

on 2021/11/29 04:34

Women want to look better and better, you need to pay attention to maintenance. Maintenance not only contains skin care this one, but skin care is the most important. Women's face is the most reflective of women's age position, if the face is sagging, growing a lot of wrinkles, will be older than the same age. Skin care and not to the face rub some skin care products can deal with the problem, must be more hard work. There are 4 best times of the day for skin care and beauty, and women in pursuit of beauty don't have to miss out.

What are the best times for women's skin care and beauty not to be missed?

1. morning five to seven o'clock

From 4 o'clock in the morning, the metabolism of adrenaline will increase, in addition to the least amount of body cell recycling theme activity, water will be very easy to collect in the body cells, it will cause puffy condition. The thing is that many women can not tolerate the swelling, will make people look very loose, will be fat than usual a circle, and especially no spiritual substance. 5:00~7:00 in the morning is the best skin care time, this time to do a little pushing is very reasonable, can deal with puffy problems. And this time is an excellent time for eye care, with some enhance the blood circulation system. It is very effective to use some eye serum to avoid the appearance of wrinkles.

2. 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

This time is also the best time for skin care, the second best time for skin care. This time in the morning is the time when the dermatological glands metabolize more frequently and during this time, the institutional resistance is at its strongest. This time is perfect for cosmetic surgery procedures, whether it is for photorejuvenation or pure spot removal. During the booking process you can book to this time, the actual result will be a little better than doing it at other times.

3. 2:00 to 4:00 noon

Between noon and 4:00, the skin is not in a good condition and is on a downward trend. The skin will be more dull, resistance will have a certain reduction, more easily by the external causes of harm, very easy to let the skin suffer damage. To make their own situation better and better, you can put on a hydrating mask or apply some hydrating cream or serum to the skin to hydrate, so that the skin is more glowing, not too excessive dryness, look very no facial color.

4. 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Many people understand that this time range fitness exercise work ability is stronger, is due to the blood circulation is stronger, blood night in the very high oxygen content, will allow people in the fitness exercise have stronger main performance. In fact, this time is also particularly suitable for skin care time frame, the skin will be easier to digest and absorb nutrients, if this time to carry out more aspects of skin care will have more practical effect. Whether you go to the beauty store skin care, or their own skin care at home, are very suitable.

5. before going to bed

Evening is the skin care time range, before going to bed to get a good skin care work, in favor of the skin in the whole process of sleep faster repair and reconstruction. If the daytime makeup, before going to bed to carefully remove makeup, after removing makeup and then carry out the later skin care sequence, wipe toner or moisturizing lotion. This time you can rub eye essence and cream to prevent wrinkles from being caused. Currently it is winter, the temperature is more dry and manic, hydrating cream should be timely, so that the skin in the evening as glowing.

Skin care is something that must be worked on ruthlessly, to speculate is unlikely, only diligence is necessary to have good results. Not until the years have passed, and then regret that it was not maintained with care, to take responsibility for their own youth.