How to eat during confinement? O...

on 2021/12/08 09:07

The matter of 產後補身 received insignificant attention since ancient times. After a woman gave birth, she not only lost both energy and blood, but also had a certain psychological change. Maternal postpartum care is not only the restoration and adjustment of various organs of our body, but also a key historical period for beef to help the mothers to smoothly pass through their physical and psychological problems and the transformation of social roles.

1. Why do we need postpartum care?

During pregnancy, with the gradual growth of the fetus, a series of changes have taken place in the various organs of the pregnant woman. However, the bleeding caused by the mother during childbirth, coupled with tension or fatigue during sweating, will consume a lot of maternal energy. At this time, the mother’s blood, musculoskeletal, and various organs of the body are in a relatively weak state, especially the cesarean section, which will cause greater damage to the righteousness. It will take a while to restore the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size. .

2. What is good for postpartum care?

1. Exhaust lochia: The parturient should promptly excrete lochia within the first week after giving birth. At this time, she should eat more foods that promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, such as hawthorn, which can not only discharge uterine congestion, but also increase appetite. Lotus root is also a more suitable food for parturients to eat during the lochia discharge period. In addition, Motherwort can promote uterine contraction and accelerate the discharge of lochia.

2. Replenishing milk: If the mother has insufficient milk after giving birth, she can eat more peanuts, enoki mushrooms, chicken soup, fish soup, and some fruits also have the effect of milking, such as kiwi, papaya, etc., you can eat more in moderation.

3. Replenishing qi and blood: childbirth is a process that affects both qi and blood loss, so more qi and blood should be added. For postpartum beef, you can choose to eat more pork liver, peanuts, milk, longan and other foods.

3. What should I pay attention to in postpartum care?

1. Get more rest. In the first two weeks, we should pay attention to bed rest to recuperate.

2. Proper exercise. Under the premise of adequate physical strength, get out of bed properly but not excessively.

3. Avoid raw and cold foods.

4. Pay attention to the environment in your own room and properly ventilate.

5. Pay attention to personal hygiene.

The postpartum care is well regulated, and the uterus, Qi and blood can recover quickly, but if the regulation is not good, confinement disease will remain. Therefore, during the confinement period, mothers and family members should pay attention to learning self-conditioning to ensure that the body can return to the ideal state.