You have reached the location Once you have arrived

on 2022/11/22 07:50
After your brief chat with Ronika and she'll ask you to complete a small job for her Lost Ark Gold. The task is known as the investigation of Ronika Traces. Be aware of every task you have to complete within the game, you will receive an orange mark on the map. Follow the map and you'll be able to locate it. Furthermore, the task Ronika would like you to complete will be displayed in the maps. You will have to look for a machine that is operating. Then, you must locate a way to stop the machine and then check the pile of boxes. Once you have reached the location Once you have arrived, connect to the module and you will receive a message from Elisa. Then she will request you to get rid of Lost Ark Tarmakum Boss from the The X-301 area. The boss of Tarmakum is in the Underground zone, and to get there, you'll need the Secret Hideout Key. In addition, to make the key , you require items. The essential materials needed to craft the key are current Coils 30 and Power Batteries 1000. The good news is that these items are easily obtained from the chest. You'll need to take on certain enemies within the area. Once you have defeated them you will gain an access point to the chest. Take all the required items from the chest best place to buy Lost Ark Gold, and then take the items to Bergstrom's detective ( He is an NPC). There, your secret hideout Key is crafted.