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on 2022/11/28 05:38
"I believe that all of these changes are just evolutions of things we've already done before, but in a manner which makes it appear as if you've got a variety of options to personalize your character. It's purely item-level based," Feasel said. "So there's always a method for you to log in and figure out, okay that's how I want to advance my character today. There are 10 different ways for you to do that." Additionally, there are quality-oflife adjustments. Mount abilities, like, let you equip your mount with additional characteristics that they do not have as a default. The specific instance Blizzard cited was the Water Strider, which has the ability to waterwalk. Since the launch of the Mount system, it is possible to put that feature with any of the mounts. The studio was very frank about this as a reaction to a piece of player frustration, but the studio took an approach that went beyond what feedback it was required to provide. "We are looking at a situation in which we heard two things from people in the community." Kowalkowski told reporters. "One was, I'm getting sick from using water striders. Water Strider everywhere and at the beginning of each expansion, for during the initial six-month period. Another reason was because water walkingseemed to be a capable ability at that time. The answer could be"well, we'll take water walking over with their mount . That was in fact one of the topics we talked about. "When we think about a system like that: how can we give the necessary utility, and yet make sure that people get what they asked for? I don't want to be looking at the water-walking over the top of the mount every single day. In general, it's trying to understand what players are saying but identify the root of the issue and then find solutions to solve the issue, rather than just listening to feedback." If you want to learn more about WoW WoTLK Classic Gold ,please vist