We're here to offer an impartial opinion

on 2023/02/03 01:37
We're here to offer an impartial opinion - in our opinion, Kulusevski's isn't FIFA 23 Coins worthy of this type of coin. Even with the potential of the possibility of one or two or even three if Spurs go all the way upgrading and upgrades, this card is not worth this sort of value. Let's examine this card against the Sterling Ones To Watch card from yesterday's live SBC. However, this isn't the only negative. Kulusevski is a comprehensive card with strong 80+ stats across all the areas it matters (including the impressive 87-long shots, which is a lot for those cut-in wing shots), and plenty of speed and agility. With upgrades, and the full length stat from Architect it's possible to have some of the most powerful of a player on your hands. It's up to you whether that the player is worth nearly 200k early in the game. Kulusevski's card as a base (it was introduced by our first Premier League team), but not this SBC version. Yep, the card can be long, which makes it much more usable than cards like this in the past. Even so, we've found that the bursty pace of wingers is still more beneficial. It's better for fullbacks as well as wingbacks. Thankfully, the number nine position is pretty straightforward with Vlahovi? being the most obvious candidate. Likewise, Di Maria is the best right-winger in the club, however things get a little more complicated on the opposite flank. Although Kosti? is rated a little higher, it would be foolish not to begin Federico Chiesa in the left right wing position, requiring players to move Kosti? to the left of buying FUT 23 Coins midfield three beside Paul Pogba and just ahead of Locatelli.