Lost Ark: Phantom Palace Chess Puzzle Solution

on 2023/02/23 00:52
The Phantom Palace Chess Puzzle Solution has left several heads scratching. Here's how players could possibly get around it. MMO fans enjoy grinding through endless dungeons to acquire rare material to create their character stronger (or create distinctive outfits). But, Lost Ark goes past the run-of-the-mill endless grinding mechanics by introducing a large number of unique (and challenging) Raid Bosses such as the Achates Trial Guardian Raid. But, probably the most challenging gameplay feature in Lost Ark is not a Raid Boss but instead a Chess Puzzle. This puzzle is situated within the Phantom Palace and it is necessary to complete if players wish to progress their Mokoko Seed collection, so skipping it's not a viable option. But, the longer a person spends around the Chess Puzzle the greater damage they take, meaning completing it as fast as possible is essential. Phantom Palace Chess Puzzle - Phase One To complete the very first phase, players must symmetrically match the board. Players can make this happen by moving the White Rook towards the H3 Square (following Chess Notation) or two squares while watching Black Pawn. Once players put the White Rook to the correct square they'll move on to the second phase of the Phantom Palace Chess Puzzle. Phantom Palace Chess Puzzle - Phase Two The second phase of the Phantom Palace Puzzle asks players to align the board symmetrically again. To complete this phase players must put the White Knight in the C3 Square (Chess Notation) or directly diagonal towards the White Pawn in the middle of the Chess Board. At this stage, it might be best if players make use of an HP Consumable to prevent an unfortunate death. Similar to the previous phase, players must undergo a portal to achieve the final Phantom Palace Puzzle stage. Phantom Palace Chess Puzzle - Phase Three NOTE: Some players have observed Randomized Phase 3 Puzzles, meaning this solution might not work. So, players may either try to complete it themselves or leave the Phantom Palace Puzzle and aspire to get the one featured within this guide. The final phase requires players to put two Chess pieces, so players will have to be quick in placing them. Players should move the White Queen toward the H6 Square or one square following the White Pawn (next to the White Rook). After placing the White Queen, players should move the Black Pawn towards the E5 Square, diagonal towards the White Pawn in the center. Once completed, players may leave the Phantom Palace Chess area and continue their look for Mokoko Seeds. Lost Ark can be obtained now on PC.