Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is very important for us. We have designed our Privacy Policy to disclose important information about how you can use thestarplace to share information with other people and how we collect and use your content and information. We recommend that you read our Privacy Policy and that you use it to make informed decisions. The member must take all measures to ensure their own security, in particular the management of their user names and access codes that must be kept confidential.
1.1 - About public and protected publications
1.1.1 What is the difference between public and protected publications?
By default, publications are public on thestarplace. Anyone can see and interact with their publications. If you want to protect your publications, you must change your account settings.
If you protect your publications, only your friends can see your publications.
1.1.2 Who can see my publications?
Public publications (the default configuration): they are visible to everyone, regardless of whether the user has an account on thestarplace or not.
Publications protected or among friends: will be visible only to your friends in thestarplace.
Protected or private publications: will be visible only by you at thestarplace.
What publications will my followers see: your followers will see the posts they mark as public, with the exception of the users that you have blocked, they will not be able to see your posts even if they are listed below.
You will receive information when new users opt for the following, which can not be rejected.
Your publications, including permanent links, will only be visible to your followers when they are marked as public.
Protected publications will not appear in third-party search engines (such as Google search).
Your protected or private publications can only be found on thestarplace by you.
The answers or comments that you send to a publication of someone who is not following or who is not even a friend will be publicly seen, because this publication has to have the level of privacy "public" so that you can comment on it, if after commenting said publication the original member of said publication change the privacy status to another that is not "public", then he will not be able to see the publication but his comment will continue to be added to that publication although he can not see it.
1.2 - What happens when I move my publications from public to private?
If, at any time, you have had public publications (before protecting your publications), and you change them to private they will no longer appear in the public search results of thestarplace, and your Publications can be seen and investigated only on thestarplace itself and his friends.
1.3 - What happens when I move my publications from private to public?
Checking out your publications will make the previously protected publications public, all the people who are part of the platform or not, will be able to see your unprotected publications.
1.4 How and when my publications are not seen by all people?
Your publications will not be seen by all people as long as they are marked as private or in any case if they are marked as only for friends, only they will be able to see their publications.
People can express themselves freely in thestarplace as long as they do not violate our terms and conditions and other rules. Unless your publications are protected, anyone at thestarplace or outside can see your posts.
We do not block, limit or delete content based solely on the views or opinions of an individual. In some situations, your publications may not be seen by everyone, according to some of the following examples:

Abusive and spamming behavior. When the abuse is reported or detected, we can take measures to limit the scope of a person's publications. We can also take other measures, including temporary and permanent account suspensions, and limitation of account functionality.
Tools and controls We develop controls, such as silencing, blocking and quality filter, that allow people to control what they are coming from and with whom they interact in thestarplace.
Safety experiments. We are always working to improve the experience of thestarplace, including the home page, the conversations to the activities and the investigation while we try ways to limit or eliminate the abuse in thestarplace.
Legal problems We can limit the scope or even withdraw a publication if it violates our terms and conditions
Technical limitations Due to the limitations of the technical capacity, when there is a large volume of responses to a publication, our platform can not show all these answers. We use the media to notify the community when we have any kind of technical problem.
2 - About profile visibility settings
Below you will find information about the visibility settings of your profile and how thestarstar uses your
date of birth when you add it to the profile.
2.1 - Visibility options
Most of the profile information you provide is always public, such as your name, surname, professional area, country, among others. For certain fields of profile information, we provide you visibility settings to select who at thestarplace can see this information on your thestarplace profile. If you provide us with profile information and you can not change the visibility setting, it means that this information is public.
Below we detail the visibility settings that are available for your account. Its configuration allows you to control separately who at thestarplace can see your information.
Public (all): this information will be part of your public profile, which means that it can be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world, instantly.
Private (only me): you can only see that information in your profile.
Friends: only your friends will be able to see that information in your profile.
2.2 How does thestarplace use my date of birth?
This will be displayed to the general public. It will also be used to personalize your experience at thestarplace. For example, we will use your birth date to show you the most relevant content, including ads.
3 - About privacy settings of your e-mail visibility and mobile phone number
3.1 - Your e-mail address and mobile phone number
Generally, the best connections in thestarplace occur with people you know. To help you form these connections, we use information such as your email address and / or mobile phone number so that others can discover your account.

3.2 - How can people find me by my e-mail address or mobile phone number?
If a person has their email address or mobile phone number in their contacts, they can find their account when they search the platform. Your account can also be suggested for other people to follow.
It is also possible to find your account through third-party services integrated in thestarplace. For example, when people receive their messages by email services integrated in thestarplace, they can see their thestarplece profile or their publications.
4 - How to protect your personal information
4.1 - Control the information you share. To do this, use the settings of thestarplace.
Knowing and controlling your configuration is an important way to protect your information. Here are some articles that contain steps you can take to protect your account.
4.2. Consider what you post.
You control the volume of information you share on thestarplace or elsewhere. Do not post information that you think is private and think about whether you really want to share your location publicly.
Beware of communications that request private contact information, personal information or passwords. If you are in doubt before publishing, ask yourself: • Who am I sharing this information with?
What is the type and amount of information that I am sharing?
How many people can see the information I am sharing?
Can I trust all the people that come with that information?
Not all people have the same vision about what is considered private and what can be shared. If a friend or connection has posted information that they prefer to keep private, talk to that person and ask them to remove the content. In the same way, think of other people. If a person requests to withdraw information that has been published about it, attend the request.
4.3 - Report violations
If someone has published your personal information (for example, the mobile phone number, the email address, the credit card information) and you want them removed, you can request that these publications be removed, please send an email electronically through the contact form on the abuse notification form. If the account is violating our terms and conditions, file a complaint and we will investigate the case. If the account really violates our terms and conditions, we temporarily suspend the account until the information is removed.
4.4 - Help with the visibility of Google search
Your thestarplace profile is shown in Google searches because thestarplace has a high Google search ranking. Remember that the words you type in your thestarplace profile or in public publications can be indexed by Google and other search engines and display your profile or posts in a search for these terms.
Note: Third-party search engines, such as Google, use many factors to generate search results, such as the content of public posts and profiles on thestarplace or blogs and other sites linked to thestarplace publications or profiles. Thestarplace does not control the results of searches on third-party mechanisms.
4.5 - Why do my publications appear on Google after being excluded or protected?
Public publications published before activating settings to protect your publications can still be indexed in a third-party search engine. After saving the account settings to protect your posts, previously published posts will be protected. If, subsequently, you change your account settings to no longer protect your publications, previously protected posts will become public and can be indexed by third-party search engines.

4.6 - Publications excluded:
Even if you exclude publications, Google and other search engines caching search results, which means that, from time to time, old information can still be searched. Although thestarplace changes its settings immediately and removes posts instantly, these changes do not automatically exclude old information from the Google search index.
All old links that appear in a Google search are directed to the error page of the page
thestarplace: "This page does not exist!" The old links will still appear, since it is likely that Google and other search engines have not updated the information in their search indexes.
Until Google updates the new information and indexes its current status, links to the profile or updates released prior to the removal / protection of visibility will remain online.
5 - About unsafe links
If you see a warning about an insecure link in thestarplace, this means that the URL corresponds to a potentially harmful URL database that can lead to phishing, malware or spam sites or sites associated with a violation of the Terms and Conditions of Service thestarplace. You can see this warning when:
publishes a specific link
add a specific link to your profile
6 - I think someone else has access to my access data from thestarplace.
What should I do?
If you think your account has been compromised, you must quickly change your password to access the platform.
If thestarplace believes that your account has been hacked, you can reset the account password to prevent the hacker from using it improperly. In that case, you will receive a secure link via email to reset the password. Again, this link is always on the site, and thestarplace never asks you to provide your password by email, direct message or reply.
7 - Control what other people come on
7.1 - Protect your publications
The protection of your publications means that your publications can only be seen by your friends. With your protected publications, you have control over your experience at thestarplace: you have the option to accept or reject the order every time someone wants to be your friend.
7.3 - Visibility
Finding friends and people you like at thestarplace can provide a great experience. We help make these connections using your name, your email address or your phone number.
7.4 - Share your location in publications
Thestarplace allows you to include where you are in each individual publication. Although sharing your location is a way to allow your followers to comment or make recommendations on what to do or places to visit, that public sharing also involves risks. As you may not know all your followers, we recommend that you reflect on what you are going to share.
7.5 - What can I do if my information is published on other websites?
We can not record any information published on a website other than the thestarplace. If your information has been published on another website, please contact the help center or the support team of the website where your information has been published.
7.6 - How can I report that my private information has been published on thestarplace?
You can report this content in the contact form on the abuse notification form.