Terms of Service



13.3.4 - Attacks on Public Figures
We allow open and critical discussions about people referred to in news or who have a general public of large dimensions based on the respective profession or activities chosen.
We eliminate harassment and credible threats to public figures, as well as a speech that encourages hatred aimed at them, just as we do for individuals.
  13.3.5 - Criminal Activity
We interdict the use of thestarplace to facilitate or organize criminal activities that cause physical and moral damages to people, entities or animals and financial losses to people or businesses. We work with the authorities if we believe that there is a real risk of physical damage or a direct threat to public safety (individual or collective).
We also interdict the celebration of the crimes he has committed. However, we allow people to debate or defend the legality of criminal activities in general, as well as to refer to them in a humorous or satirical way.
  13.3.6 - Exploitation and Sexual Violence
We remove content that threatens or promotes pedophilia, exploitation and sexual violence and domestic violence. This includes the exploitation of minors and sexual offenses.
To protect victims and survivors, we also remove photographs or videos that depict incidents of sexual violence and shared images as a form of revenge or without permission from the people in them.
Our definition of sexual exploitation includes the solicitation of sexual material, any sexual content that involves minors, threats to share intimate images and offers of sexual services. Whenever appropriate, we send this content to the authorities. Offers of sexual services include prostitution, escort services, sexual massages and recorded and online sexual activities.
  13.3.7 - Regulated goods
We prohibit any attempt to buy, sell or change:
Medications subject to medical prescription
Illegal, heavy and light drugs, including Hashish / Marijuana among others
Firearms or ammunition.
If you post offers for the purchase, change and sale of alcohol, tobacco or adult products, you are bound to comply with all applicable laws and to address an authorized public to handle such content.

13.3.8 - Explicit Nudeness
We restrict the publication of explicit nudity, as well as photographs of people showing genitals or focusing on fully exposed buttocks, and explicit images of sexual relationships.
However, we allow content that contains nudity for certain reasons, such as awareness campaigns or artistic projects, such as photographs of paintings, sculptures or other art that portrays nudity, as well as pictures of women in breastfeeding or showing breasts with scars after the mastectomy.
Restrictions in the presentation of nudity and sexual activities may also apply to digitally created content, unless the content posted is intended for educational and humorous purposes.
You can also eliminate descriptions of sharp and detailed sexual acts.
  13.3.9 - Hate Incentive Speech
Thestarplace eliminates discriminatory discourse and / or encourages hatred, which includes discriminatory content to individuals or groups based on the following aspects:
Sexual orientation
Sex or sexual identity
Deficiencies or serious illnesses
The presence in thestarplace of organizations and people dedicated to the promotion of hate is not allowed. As with all our standards, we rely on our users to report this type of content.
All the content that includes a speech that encourages the hatred of another person to raise awareness about a certain topic or to educate people about that discourse that encourages hatred, should clearly indicate the purpose, so that we can better understand the reason why that Content was shared.
Humor and social comments related to these matters are allowed.
13.3.10 - Graphic and Violent Content

The issues described above sometimes involve graphic and violent images of public interest, such as abuses of human rights or acts of terrorism, which people share as a way of answering or raising awareness about it.
We eliminate graphic images when it is shared for sadistic purposes or for the celebration or glorification of violence.
When you share something in thestarplace, you must do it responsibly, which also includes carefully choosing who will see that content.
  13.4 - Interdicted content in advertising
The advertisements can not constitute, facilitate or promote illegal products, services or activities.
The ads can not not respect our rules, terms and conditions.
Ads may not promote the sale or use of the following:
Illegal drugs, for recreational use or subject to medical prescription;
Products derived from tobacco or related material;
Content that thestarplace, by its own and exclusive determination, considers unsafe;
Weapons, ammunition or explosives; and other content that encourages aggression and behaviors of public disorder.
Products or services for adults (except for family planning ads and hiring methods).
  13.4.1 Ads may be disapproved if they present the following contents:
Show photos or messages to an audience too young for that content. (For example, alcohol advertisements must meet certain standards that include age restrictions based on the alcohol advertising legislation of the place they are going to).
Ads directed to minors can not promote products, services or content that are inappropriate, illegal, unsafe or that exploit, deceive or exert undue pressure on the age ranges to which they are directed.
Content that may infringe or not respect the rights of third parties, moral integrity, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or property rights.
Adult content. This includes nudity, representations of people in explicit, suggestive positions, too suggestive or sexually provocative activities.
Content shocking, sensationalist, disrespectful or excessively violent (for example, scary, sordid or sensational images are not allowed, as they may collide or cause a negative response from users.
Discriminatory content and / or affirming or suggesting personal attributes, including direct or indirect affirmations or innuendos about race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or practices, sexual identity, disability, illness (including physical or mental health), statute financial, joining a union, criminal record of a person, or specific groups of people.
Misleading, false or fraudulent content, including claims, offers or deceptive business practices.
Content that explores controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes.
Audio or flash animations that are played automatically without the interaction of a person or that expand on thestarplace after a user clicks on the advertisement.
Non-functional landing pages. This includes landing pages that interfere with a person's ability to exit the page.
Spyware, malware or any other software that results in an unexpected or deceptive user experience. This includes links to sites that contain these products.
Grammar, spelling or incorrect punctuation. The symbols, numbers and letters must be used correctly, according to the language that is expressed.
Images that represent a nonexistent functionality.

13.5 - Restricted content
  13.5.1 - Alcohol and other products
Ads that promote or refer to alcohol must:
Comply with all necessary or registered industry codes, standards, licenses, approvals and applicable local laws
Apply the age and country definition criteria of the target public in accordance with the standards of definition of the target public of thestarplace and with the applicable local laws. You can only direct alcohol ads to an audience 18 years of age or older
14.1 - Elements of service
These Terms and Conditions do not imply any transfer of any type of intellectual property rights over the elements belonging to thestarplace for the benefit of the member.
The website, brands, drawings, models, images, texts, photographs, logos, graphic representations, software and programs, search engines, databases, sounds, videos, domain names, design or any other information or support presented by thestarplace, not being this exhaustive list, are the exclusive property of thestarplace and are protected by their copyright, trademarks, patents and any other intellectual or industrial property rights that are recognized according to the laws in force.
Any reproduction and / or representation, total or partial of one of these elements, without the express authorization of thestarplace, is prohibited.
Thus, the member is prohibited from any behavior and from all acts likely to directly or indirectly harm the intellectual property rights of thestarplace.
The member can not, under any circumstances, use, print or re-format the content of the platform or the Web sites for purposes other than private or family.
You agree not to transfer, reproduce, transmit, sell, distribute or exploit the content of the platform and the websites.
The member acknowledges that the information and databases accessible on the platform are the property of thestarplace.
14.2 Third party elements
The elements belonging to third parties, such as trademarks, drawings, models, images, texts, photographs, logo, not being exhaustive, are the exclusive property of the author and, as such, are protected by the copyright, the right of trademarks or any other right recognized by current legislation.
The member is prohibited from harming, directly or indirectly, the property rights of third parties, whose contents are presented on the platform and it is forbidden to exploit, in any way, the names, brands, logos, software, information databases and all documents communicated to you in a general way in the case of the application of these general conditions of service.
The member undertakes to respect the integrity of the rights of third parties, whose contents are presented on the platform and it is forbidden to arouse any analogy in public perception for any purpose.
Thus, the member agrees to take all necessary measures to protect these rights against all third parties and, in particular, will maintain the status of all property warnings that are mentioned in the set of data, information and, more generally , in the elements consulted on the platform or made available by third parties.

We respect the rights of third parties and we expect the member to do the same, for which he commits to:
It will not publish content or commit any act in the testament that constitutes an infraction or disrespect of the rights of third parties or of the law.
We may remove any content or information you post on thestarplace if we believe that they constitute a breach of these terms and conditions or our policies;
We provide you with the tools to help us protect your intellectual property rights.
If we remove your content for infringement of the copyrights of third parties and consider that it was an error, we give you the opportunity to appeal.
If you repeatedly infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties, proceed to deactivate your user account, when appropriate.
You will not use our copyrights or trademarks or any similar mark that may cause confusion, except as permitted by our prior written authorization.
If you collect information from users, you must: obtain their consent, clarify that it is you (and not thestarplace) that is collecting the information and publish a privacy policy that explains what information it collects and how you will use it.
It will not publish identification documents or confidential financial information of anyone in thestarplace.
14.3 - Online elements by the member
The member will grant, to the extent necessary, a right to use the elements that he puts online, of which he owns the exclusive property and which are protected by copyright, trademarks, patents and any other intellectual property right or are or will be recognized according to the laws in force.
This right of use includes the right of thestarplace to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, scan, use for purposes of the service or sublicense the elements relating to the member on the service, as well as on any electronic communication support within the framework of the service ( for example, email, sms, mms, Internet).
The member authorizes thestarplace to modify the elements to respect their graphic representation or to make them compatible with their technical results or any support format provided in the framework of the service.
The right of use is granted by the member to thestarplace for the whole world, and for the duration of the online accessibility of these elements by the member.
The member undertakes to take all necessary measures for the protection of these rights in relation to all third parties and to guarantee the peaceful enjoyment of thestarplace.
Here we must describe how the plugin to report abuse or publication works

Pages that promote the private sale of regulated goods or services (including firearms, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or products intended for adults) must be restricted to a minimum age of 18 years.
The pages can not contain statements or false, deceitful, fraudulent or deceptive contents.
Thestarplace has an online service that provides users with the disclosure of intentions to sell or contract products, services or interpersonal communication through a classified system.
The placement of classified ads is free.
Thestarpalce does not have access to or control over the articles or conditions of services communicated in the advertisements nor does it engage or participate in the effective transaction between buyer / contracting party and seller / lender. Therefore, thestarplace does not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of the items or services advertised, the veracity or accuracy of these, the ability of sellers and suppliers to sell items or provide services, the ability of buyers to purchase products or services. contractors contract services, nor can it guarantee that both parties complete the transaction.
By not having to submit a uniform content, it is not possible to restrict access to the service only according to a majority criterion.
The legality of access to the service depends on the fact that no contracts have been concluded, costly or not, under the authority of thestarpalce, so access to the service is allowed to users, regardless of the possession of a total legal capacity. , these. By not having a mediator of transactions, thestarplace is not responsible for any eventuality resulting from the lack of legal capacity of users.
Any interested party may only correspond to one record, and thestarplace may cancel any subsequent registration made by the same individual.
The records in thestarplace are personal and non-transferable, being the holder of the same the only person in charge of the actions carried out with his registry.
It is allowed to place an advertisement related to a particular item, property, vehicle or job vacancy. The same announcement can not be the subject of more than one issue to be announced;
Ads that contain word manipulation or that are attributed to inappropriate categories, may, under these terms of conditions, be targeted for measures that include their definitive removal;
thestarplace is not responsible for the content of the ads, hyperlinks or sources mentioned in the description of an advertisement, the parameters of responsibility for content and links described in this document being;
thestarplace can remove or edit the descriptions placed in an advertisement by the users, without having to refer to the cause of the same;
thestarplace may exclude the user from using the service (for example, preventing the user from starting, placing or replying to the advertisements) when the user has violated any of the conditions of these terms and conditions;
a thestarplace strives to operate correctly without failing, but nevertheless, reserves the right to temporarily suspend its operations for technical reasons, or causes beyond the control of thestarplace;

thestarplace is not responsible for the behavior of advertisers, or items and services advertised by them for sale as described in their ads. By breaching in a certain announcement the rules in force or not in these terms and conditions, the user will assume any liability that results in damages or losses to any entity, individual or collective, while the instance exempted from any resulting liability;
thestarplace is not responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of a transaction, or inappropriate behavior of one of the parties to the transaction;
The messages and the corresponding attachments stored in the platform remain in the system for an indeterminate period of days.
By accepting these terms and conditions, the user agrees to:
Provide and maintain verified, complete and updated personal data;
Keep the data of access to your registration in thestarplace confidential and use only the record of which it is the owner, assuming full responsibility for the actions carried out with that same registry, although by third parties, with or without its authorization;
Adopt only behaviors that do not infringe the current legal system or that in any way prejudice legally protected positions;
Not to present offers of purchase or sale of articles, or hiring or rendering of services, or communication of illicit products or services or of a violent, provocative, offensive, racist or susceptible nature to violate the privacy or rights of third parties;
Fulfill all the obligations derived from the purchases and sales of articles and the provision and contracting of services communicated through their announcements in thestarplace;
As an advertiser, assume full and exclusive responsibility for the veracity of the advertisement data and its suitability to the content of the advertisement, as well as the responsibility for the legality of the article or service advertised.
Thestarplace does not undertake to verify or approve, in a binding or systematic way, the ads placed on the site by users. These are placed online automatically and without any interference or control by thestarplace.
Ads integrated into the platform, however, must meet the following basic requirements, to the responsibility of the advertiser:
Be placed in the category most indicated to the product, service or offer;
The advertised articles and services can not be taxed by rights of third parties, they must have immediate availability (therefore, it is not allowed to sell items that are not in direct possession of the advertiser, not being also accepted animal reserves for future delivery) ;
Do not include any article that appears in the following list of articles of prohibited sale or hiring:
a) Firearms and ammunition - Weapons whose use and bearing requires a prior license or legal authorization are not allowed.
b) Illegal copies - copies, duplicates or backup copies of computer programs or audiovisual articles, including memory cards or other storage devices that offer or include, as part of the business, this type of copies;

c) Drugs, narcotics and tobacco;
d) the unlocking or visualization equipment of coded video signals, the "acquisition, use, ownership or mere detention, in any capacity" of devices that allow access without paying for conditioned services, that is to say, encoded that demand a payment, is illegal. its visualization, such as, for example, the encrypted channels of television operators Nos or MEO, among others;
e) Fireworks and derivatives;
f) alcoholic beverages;
g) medications or medical / pharmaceutical tests;
h) Pyramid / multi-level schemes;
i) animals whose sale is not in accordance with legislation
j) Modchips / Jailbreak;
k) Affiliate programs / rewards or commissions and / or business associations;
l) non-explicit offers to earn money / make the most of time / work from home;
m) Human organs;
n) Replicas and contrafaciones;
o) Craft demonstrations without due registration
p) Specifically with regard to job offers, the advertisements must be placed in the most relevant subcategory taking into account their content and the functions to be performed by the professionals hired;
q) Tarot, Horoscope and / or Visionary Services;
r) Digital goods (for example: Game accounts / online services, software without physical support, software registers / licenses, ebooks, vouchers in electronic format);
s) Vouchers, vouchers and cards of any kind;
t) timeshare offers;
u) Equipment for games of chance.
Notwithstanding the above, it is not allowed to advertise content that violates legal rules, social welfare, rights of third parties or that contains particularly:
a) vulgar or offensive content;
b) content that violates the rules of social etiquette;
c) content that promotes hatred and violence, racism, xenophobia or conflicts between nations;
d) false or dubious information;
e) viruses or any other technology that may harm other users or even the platform as a service;
f) advertising services that are competitive or not to thestarplace;
g) generic, catalog and / or edited photographs that are not representative of the good that is actually on sale;
h) Placement of labels, keywords or other terms in the title, description or images of the advertisement that have no relation with the article / service that is being announced;
i) Any content related to services that are generally morally reprehensible, such as prostitution, pyramid schemes, and other forms contrary to the law or rules of decency, are the sole responsibility of the user, subject to the provision of these rules in the appropriate categories for users of legal age and in possession of legal capacity. Observed the breach of these conditions, thestarplace is legalized to delete the content in illegality, without prejudice to the property or consequences of said act.
j) Advertisements for advertising job offers must always expressly refer to the acronym M / F.
k) The advertiser is responsible for compliance with these requirements, being able to cancel or delete without prior notice and at any time announcements that are not in accordance with the rules set forth above.
Advertisers authorize thestarplace to freely use the contents corresponding to advertisements for the purchase and sale of articles and contracting or provision of services (for example, in advertising promotions).

17.1 - information that we can collect
We collect the content and other information you provide when you use our platform, including when you register an account, create or share information.
We may also collect information about your activity at thestarplace, such as the types of content you see or interact with.
  17.2 - Your network and links
We collect information about people and groups to which you are linked and how you interact with them (such as the people you communicate with the most or the groups with whom you like to share), to provide content closer to your interest and improve your experience at thestarplace .
We also collect the contact information you provide if you upload, synchronize or import them (for example, a list of contacts) from a device.
  17.3 - Device information
You can collect information about or about computers, mobile phones or other devices where you install or access our services, according to the permissions you have granted. We can associate the information we collect from your different devices, which helps us provide consistent services on all your devices.
Some examples of the device information that can be collected:
Attributes, such as operating system, hardware version, device configuration, software, signal strength and device identifiers.
Device locations, including specific geographic locations, acquired, for example, via GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals.
Connection information, such as the name of your mobile operator, browser type, language and time zone, mobile phone number and IP address.
The information of the sites and applications that use our services.
  17.4 - Partner information
We receive information about you and your activities within thestarplace through partners, or advertisers about your experiences or interactions with it.
 17.5 - Manage or Delete Data and Information
You can manage the content and information that you share when you use thestarplace
You can delete your account at any time. When you delete your account, we delete content that you have published, such as your photos and timeline updates. Keep in mind that the information that other people have shared about you is not part of your account and is not deleted when you delete your account.
If you do not use your account for a period greater than one year in a row, your account may expire, losing all its contents, photos, videos. In this case it will not be possible to recover any information and to be a user of the platform of thestarplace will have to create a new account.
  17.6 - Use of such information
The use of all the information eventually collected has the sole purpose of creating and / or improving your experience in thestarplace.
This includes creating personalized experiences and offering specific content according to what we interpret as their tastes or interests, as well as developing and improving in general our services and our interaction with users.

When we have location information, we use the same to personalize our services for you and for other people, how to help you visit and find local events or offers in your area or inform your close friends you want).
We have tested functionalities in development and analyze the information we have, to evaluate and improve products and services, develop new products or functionalities and solve problems.
17.7 - Showing and Measuring Ads and Services
We may use the information we have to improve our advertising and statistics systems so we can show more relevant ads within our services and measure the effectiveness and reach of the ads and services.
  17.8 - Promote safety
We use the information we have to help verify accounts and activities and to promote security within the thestarplace platform, such as when investigating suspicious activities or infractions of our terms and conditions and rules.
  17.9 - Legal Requests or Damage Impediment
Tostestar may access, preserve and share the information when in good faith we consider that this is necessary in exceptional situations, in particular:
Detect, prevent and address a situation of fraud and other illegal activities
Protect ourselves, protect the user and others, including as part of investigations;
Prevent an imminent situation of death or physical injury.
For example, we can provide information to partners about the reliability of their account to prevent fraud and abuse inside and outside our services. It is possible to access, process and retain the information we receive about you, during the necessary time, when they are subject to requests or legal obligations, judicial investigations or investigations regarding possible infractions of our terms and conditions or rules or rules that have for the purpose of preventing damage.
We may also preserve information from disabled accounts due to infractions of our terms and conditions, for a period that is necessary, to prevent abuse or other violations of our terms and conditions.
  17.10 - Contact thestarplace
  18.1 - With whom you share and communicate
When you share and communicate through our services, choose the public that sees what you share. For example, when it is public on thestarplace, you can select who sees this publication: all your friends or members of a specific group or groups.

If you do not select any specific group to see your publication, it may be visible to the general public, in addition to your Friends network.
Public information is all the information you share with a general public, as well as the information in your public profile (name and image) or content that you share on a thestarplace page. Public information is available to all people inside and outside of our services and can be viewed or accessed in other online media, including through Internet search engines.
The people with whom you share or communicate can download or share this content with other people they choose, inside and outside our platforms. When you comment on thestarplace on another person's post or like its content, that person decides to the public that they can see your comment or taste. If the public is general, your comment will also be public.
18.2 - Integrations of Third Parties, Apps and Sites
When you use applications, sites and other third-party services that use or are integrated into our services, they can receive information about what you post or share.
In addition, when you download or use third-party services, they can access your public profile, which includes your user name or user ID, your age group and country / language, your friend list, as well as the information you share with they.
The information collected by these applications, sites or integrated services is subject to the terms and conditions and rules.
  18.3 - Change of Ownership
If the ownership or control structure of all or part of our platforms or assets is changed, we can transfer your information to the new owner.
  18.4 - Share with companies
In addition to the companies associated with the thestarplace group, we work with external companies that help us provide and improve our services, to which we can also give access to your data, if the objective justifies it.
For example, advertising services, statistics and analysis (we only share information that does not allow personal identification).
We may use the information we have about you to show you relevant ads.
  18.5 - Service providers
We transfer information to service providers and other partners that support our company globally, providing technical infrastructure services, analyzing the way our services are used to provide support to users, or conducting surveys and surveys of academic content. These partners must comply with strict confidentiality obligations in a manner consistent with this data policy and with the agreements we establish with them.
The personal data collected during your registration on our website is intended for the use of thestarplace.

In order to provide an easily accessible and personalized service, thestarplace saves the history of the member's connections on the platform and accompanies the navigation of members on the platform thanks to cookies, in compliance with our data policy.
In order to respect the legal obligations regarding the preservation and communication of data that allow identifying any person who has contributed to the creation of online content, thestarplace keeps a copy of some content placed online by the member, including when they are removed from the content profile by the member, for one year from the event that resulted in the conservation obligation.
In order to preserve an environment free of inappropriate content on thestarplace, we rely on you to report situations that seem abusive.
If you find content on thestarplace that you believe disrespects the rules, terms and conditions of use of thestarplace, send us a report. We have teams dedicated to work to review the content they report, to help ensure that the thestarplace remains secure.
Consider the following:
We can take action whenever something does not respect the restricted Contents or our terms and conditions.
Reporting something does not guarantee that this content will be removed, as it may not respect our terms and conditions.
Our review decisions may change from time to time after receiving additional context about specific publications or after viewing new content in non-compliance on a page or profile of thestarplace
The number of complaints has no impact on the removal of content. We will not delete a content just for having been reported more times.
The consequences for breach of our terms and conditions vary according to the severity of the breach and the person's history in thestarplace. For example, we can notify someone when a first disrespect occurs, but if the situation is repeated continuously, we can restrict that person's ability to publish to thestarplace or permanently delete their account.
Not all unpleasant or disturbing content does not respect our standards. For this reason, we offer the ability to customize and control what you see when you stop following, block, hide the publications, people, pages and applications that you do not want to see. We recommend that you use these controls to better personalize your experience.
You can make your complaint through the icon "notify abuse" or through our email contact denounces.
  22.1 - Prevent someone from contacting me
Block that person. (see the plugin that does this)
Remove the friendship. Only your friends can publish in your Timeline.
You can change your settings to prevent anyone from posting in your timeline. (see buddypress)
  22.2 - Blocking
You can block a person to take away the friendship and prevent him from initiating conversations with you or seeing the things he posts on his profile. (see the plugin that does this)
Blocked people can not:
See the things you post on your profile
identify it
Invite him to events or groups
Start a conversation with you
Add it as a friend

The block is reciprocal, so you can not do things like, for example, start a conversation with the blocked person or add it as a friend.
Removing a block does not recover a friendly connection. If you want a previously blocked person to rejoin your network, you must remove the block and send a new friend request.
Remember that blocking someone only has an effect on thestarplace platforms, not on other Internet sites.
22.3 - Eliminate friendship
To remove a friend:
Access that person's profile or friends list
Select Delete friendship
Note: If you decide to remove a friend, you will also be removed from that person's friends list. If you want to be friends with that person again, you will have to send them a new friend request.
Thestarplace ads are advertising blocks that you can contract to disclose and promote your business / your commercial activity / Organization / Brand / etc:
Ads can be fixed blocks with photo and text.
Image or mixed ads (photo and text) are homogeneous spaces that obey certain design rules, dimensions and obey the rules of Content.
The announcements can be presented in the news feed, on the main page and in the right column of thestarstar platform on the device or on mobile devices, in the selected pages and sections.
Thestarplace actively implements policies that help protect your experience with third-party applications and ad networks.
The announcements are subject to the approval of thestarplace before its publication.
  24.1 - Relevance
All the components of an advertisement, including any text, images or other multimedia content, must be relevant and appropriate to the product or service offered and to the public that sees the advertisement.
  24.2 - Accuracy
The advertisements must clearly represent the company, product, service or brand that is being advertised and that is not susceptible to misleading in relation to the conditions of commercialization.
  24.3 - Destination pages
The products and services promoted in the text of the advertisement must correspond to the products and services promoted on the landing page and the destination site can not offer or contain links to prohibited products or services.
  24.4 - Composition of text in images
The use of images with minimal text makes your content more attractive and helps to promote the quality of content in thestarplace. In this sense, the ads are dominated by image, the part of the text not being able to exceed 30% of the total area of the advertisement, whether this text is included or not in the image.
Do not hesitate to contact our support service through the contact form in the advertising option if you have questions about an ad that has been rejected.
24.5 - Special clauses applicable to advertisers
If you use our self-service ad creation interfaces for the creation, submission and / or publication of any advertising or other activity or commercial or sponsored content, you accept our Advertising Terms. In addition, your advertising or other activity or commercial or sponsored content published on thestarplace or in our publisher network must be in accordance with our terms and conditions and other rules.
  24.6 - About advertisements and other commercial content available or perfected by the

Our goal is to present advertising and other commercial or sponsored content that has value for our users and advertisers. To help us do this, accept the following:
You grant permission to use your name, profile picture, content and information in relation to commercial, sponsored or related content (such as a trademark of which
(in English). This means, for example, that you authorize a company or other entity to pay us to present your name and / or profile picture with its content or information, without being assigned any compensation.
If you selected a specific audience for your content or information, respect that choice when we use it.
25.1 - Cancellation of registration
Member registration is effective when the member connects to the platform and uses the service. When a member is not connected or does not use your account for a period of one (1) consecutive year, thestarplace may delete all data concerning you including your account.
The member can cancel his registration by deleting his account at any time on the platform, at no cost, in particular through the heading dedicated to this effect in the menu "settings> exclude account" or through any other means that may be indicated in this menu.
25.2 - Suspension and rescission
In case of breach of the obligations of these terms and conditions by the member, thestarplace reserves the right to, without granting compensation and eight (8) days after sending the user an email to request that it comply with these terms and conditions, of suspending access to the service until the cause of the suspension has been eliminated.
Access to the service may be suspended, for example, when:
The member complies with their profile in a way that does not comply with these terms and conditions;
The member puts online a photo that is not in compliance or that is offensive;
 The member behaves in a way that disturbs the tranquility of several members; In general, the member does not respect the terms and conditions of the platform.
In case of repeated breach of the obligations of these terms and conditions by the member, thestarplace reserves the right, without granting compensation and eight (8) days after sending the user an email to request that it comply with these terms and conditions, and the same has not been successful, to cancel the registration of the member and to terminate access to its member space or to prohibit access to all or part of the services, without prejudice to any common law action that can start
In the event of notification to thestarplace by a member of a manifestly unlawful content in the manner provided in the article "notification of abuse", thestarplace reserves the right, without notice, to cancel the registration of the member and terminate its membership or membership space. to prohibit total or partial access to services, without prejudice to any common law action that may be initiated.

25.2.1 - Completion
If you do not respect the text or the spirit of these terms and conditions or, in any way, create risks or possible legal risks for us, we can stop making part or all of the platform available to you.
You will be notified by e-mail or the next time you try to access your account.
You can also delete your account or deactivate your application at any time. These cases result in the termination of these terms and conditions, but the following still apply:
clauses: 2.2, 2.4, 3 - 5, 9.3 and 14 - 18.
26 - BOA-FE
The parties agree to comply with their obligations in full good faith.
The parties sincerely assure the present commitments.
As such, they declare that they do not possess any element of their knowledge that, if communicated, would have modified the consent of the other party.
The acceptance of these terms and conditions electronically has, between the parties, the same probative value as the agreement in paper format.
The computer records and maintained in the computer systems of the platform will be kept under reasonable conditions of security and will be considered proof of the existing communications between the parties.
The archive of the contractual documents is made in a reliable and durable support that can be produced on trial.
The information transmitted or collected by thestarplace during the use of the platform is considered, by nature, as confidential and subject to professional secrecy and is not the subject of any external communication.
This provision does not constitute an obstacle to communications ordered by judicial or administrative means.
These terms and conditions have been drafted in English and then translated.
In case of conflict between the parties or disagreements over the interpretation of a word or clause, only the versions written in authentic Portuguese.
May 2, 2018